Hobblebush Farm

Hobblebush Farm
Native Plant Nursery

For more than 25 years landscape designer Robert Allen has been making Muskoka a little more natural.

Hobblebush Farm boasts the largest selection on native plants in Muskoka. We have begun propagating plants that are hard to find. Northway Gardeners’ main focus has been site restoration and re-establishing shorelines, and so having material readily available is essential.


About 20 years ago people began to recognize the importance of using indigenous species.

Plants native to Muskoka help with drainage, water quality, erosion at the shoreline and create a habitat for all sorts of birds and animals.

We have a large stock of trees, shrubs and ground covers that are mostly native to Muskoka and many varieties of summer flowering perennials for use in our landscape and gardening projects.

Our clients can visit the property to select specific varieties or view combinations of plants in our gardens. We’re open to private groups and cottage associations by appointment.

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