Our Team

Qualifications & History

T. J. Coles

Tyler (TJ) Coles came to work with Northway Gardeners as an apprentice in 2009. He comes from a family of gardeners in Muskoka; it’s in his blood. He quickly integrated into the company becoming an integral part of the Team.

Robert was proud to mentor TJ as his successor. “ TJ has the eye and the love of plants, he sees what I see and he get’s it” The two developed a deep relationship bonding with a sense of humour, design and a fondness for plants.

TJ graduated from the Ontario College of Trades and Apprentice Act 2009 in March 2014 with honours as a Horticultural Technician, Red Seal Endorsed.

Robert G. Allen founded the company after graduating from the prestigious Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture in 1977. The School required a rigorous academic and intensive practical three-year apprenticeship. Moving back to his home area Robert quickly became aware of the desperate need for conscientious landscaping in Muskoka’s unique environment.

We have built an energetic team of multitalented individuals enabling us to effectively and beautifully design, build or garden the appropriate landscape environment to suit everyone…and everything.

Robert G. Allen N.P.D. (A Life Well Lived – 1950-2018)


The Robert Allen Memorial Stewardship Award was established by the Muskoka Watershed Council and the Three Mile Lake Association in memory of Robert’s dedication to education and awareness of native plants in Muskoka.

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