Patios, Walkways & Paths

Stone pathways are often made up of 3” to 4 ” granite flagstone installed on a 6“ gravel base with minimum use of machinery eases compaction of root zones of established trees and shrubs, allowing unrestricted water filtration to the roots. This type of stonework is easy to alter if changes or additions are required to meet client’s needs.


We install a variety of site-specific mulch paths, usually on a 4“ granular base covered with forest litter or composted pine mulch or a combination of both.


The stonework and plantings fit into our environment gracefully, rather than competing for attention. It has been very rewarding to have our vision come to life with your help. You have found a great balance between listening carefully and knowing when to contribute your expertise. We felt like we were part of the process and yet the finished result was more than we imagined.
A Carson, Lake Joseph
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P. Schwartz, Lake Joseph

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