Muskoka has a natural beauty of its own. By using appropriate plants, sensitive landscaping techniques, keeping nature foremost, the result can be both beautiful and environmentally correct. By removing lawn areas that extend to the water’s edge and replacing with native shoreline plants, there is a positive impact on the health of the lake.

Retaining or reintroducing marginal plants at the shoreline softens the transition between water and dry land is beautiful and a boon for wildlife.

Being environmentally conscious doesn’t sacrifice your view of the lake or privacy. We plant low-growing native shrubs and use the expertise of arborists to create sightlines through the trees to preserve your lake front.


New construction destroyed much of the natural beauty of our cottage property. Northway Gardeners are masters at restoring what nature created. The end result looks effortless. It’s very hard work to make something look effortless.
MC, Lake Joseph
Our property is very wooded and we wanted to retain a natural look. Northway Gardeners has achieved this by creating access to the cottage from the driveway that looks like it has always been there (using stone from our property). It is truly wonderful. Their plantings, which are all indigenous, are placed with an artist’s eye. When looking at the cottage from the water the new plants flow into the existing plants for a great view.
C Hind, Breeze Point
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Enjoy seeing your property transformed by our Northway Gardeners team.

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